Fair’s Giant Slide is slip-slidin’ away


Photo: Jennifer Cappuccio Maher

This will be the last year for the L.A. County Fair’s Giant Slide. After more than 40 years, the Fair standby will be dismantled after this year’s Fair ends Oct. 3. Read about the slide in my Friday column and look at a photo gallery here.

Have you ever taken a ride on the slide?

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  • Darryl Musick

    Yes. My favorite part of the fair when I was a kid. I always tried to get some air on the humps.

  • Lisa

    That’s too bad, I love the big slide.

  • Dee

    It’s been an annual tradition (since 1987) for my family to go to the Fair and get pictures at the same spot every year. The idea is to record how much the kids have grown over the course of a year.

    One spot was the old red tractor in the Heritage Square area. Back then the kids could sit on it, but the Fair started moving it around and, finally, brought it to safety behind a fence. The other spot was the Big Slide.

    The first pictures show the kids as babies riding on their dad’s lap and progressed to them riding alone. I guess the final picture will be of my older boy with his girlfriend. We will miss the slide and all the memories that go with it. 🙁

  • Bob Terry

    As a student in the Pomona school district, we all got 1 free fair ticket every year when we would start school the 1st Tuesday after Labor Day and the Fair would start that same week on Friday. So, as “hoodlum” jr. high kids at Fremont, me and my buddies would always go straight to the slide, pay 50 cents, get our burlap bag, and then slide down on our kness fully aware that we would probably crash and burn on the way down. But if you had a real live girl with you, you could go together but you had to “ahem” hold on to her real tight.

  • Kris

    Apparently, the slide has been there about 40 years, but I have personally been riding it for the last 30. As countless others may attest, one of the key reasons I come to the L.A. County Fair is for the purpose of nostalgia; to relive my childhood. I visit to show my children the same sights and sounds that brought a smile to my face when I was young.

    However, those aspects are gradually exiting the fairgrounds. A couple years ago, I was astonished to notice the demolition of the Toad in the Hole building. And I never fathomed that the Giant Slide would be sacrificed. It truly embodies the spirit of the fair, and I cannot imagine the experience of the fair being the same without it.

    The Orange County Fair, meanwhile, might be smaller, but I feel it is in a better area and offers a safer environment. However, I return to the L.A. County Fair for the sake of nostalgia. And without that key component, I’m not sure if I have much motivation to return with my family and friends in the future.

    I encourage all to contact the L.A. County Fair, and ask them to save the Giant Slide.

  • Jay

    Sign the petition! Let’s try to save our slide! Even if it doesn’t work, at least we can say we tried! 🙂


  • jeff Hunt

    can you tell me if someone bought the parts of the thing? who to contact? etc. I am in Spfld IL and we are in danger of losing the one we have. trying to figure out if it’s worth putting up another one? what it would cost etc.

    [No idea, but you could check with Fairplex’s communications department for an answer, Jeff. — DA]

  • S

    I had no idea about this last year. Just went to the fair this year and it was gone! Is it too late to resurrect this petition? Had I known, I would have told everyone I know.

    [Dare I suggest that you need to be reading the Daily Bulletin, S? — DA]