Good evening, ladies and germs


In advance of tonight’s Pomona City Council meeting, let me point out that a hand sanitizer was recently installed in the lobby of the Council Chambers. Either the place is awash in germs, or Pomona is trying to clean up city government, one palm at a time.

If they are, let’s give them a hand — or two.

Photo: Jennifer Cappuccio Maher

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  • It’s gonna take more than that little contraption to clean this city government!

  • Bob House

    This is fine for use on the way into an encounter with politicians, but on the way out a full body, mind and spirit sanitizer is required.

  • James Rodriguez Fontana

    At my work place, they just installed about 50 of the same Purell hand sanitizers throughout the plant. How did we survive without them?

  • Ronald Scott

    I think a pooper scooper would be way more appropriate for all the crap they dish out!!!