3 years of blogging

A couple of blog milestones passed recently without my mentioning them. First, Sept. 12 was this blog’s third anniversary. Yep, we debuted in cyberspace on Sept. 12, 2007. This is the 1,088th post. Whew!

Meanwhile, uni-named reader David recently left the 5,000th published comment. (In full: “Sonic has a ‘happy hour’ every day. Half-priced drinks and slushes from 2pm-4pm.” Truly epic, wasn’t it?)

Thanks to all for reading and contributing!

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  • Mark Allen

    “We debuted …”?

    Which is worse, referring to yourself in third person, or as a Plural Entity? 😛

    [Ahh, the congratulations are already pouring in. — DA]

  • Ms. Lois

    Congratulations, David! It’s been three good years of reading. Excuse me, but I thought I was your favorite librarian at your favorite library!

    [You’re my favorite librarian at my favorite library, but there’s a lot of competition to be my favorite librarian at other libraries! — DA]

  • Ygnacio Palomares

    Hola David, congratulations on your “historic” milestone and I hope I am your favorite dead pioneer. My great, great, great, great grandson, Bob Terry, has so much knowledge of my beloved town from the ’60s on up but sometimes I have to channel his thoughts to get my perspective out. We “upstairs” enjoy your insights and observations about this part of what “they” call the I.E., but I truly miss the fiestas, weddings and celebrations that me and my neighbors had back then. Many more years of success to you.

    [Gracias, Ygnacio. Give my regards to the Chaffey brothers next time you bump into them. — DA]

  • Doug Evans

    Man, I just missed being the 5,000th commenter by, oh, 15 comments or something. Well, I’ll have to do better when you get to 10,000. I’d better start counting to be sure.

    Congrats on all the milestones! Here’s to many more blogs and columns!

    [Thank you, Doug. And look for the 10,000th comment in fall 2013. — DA]

  • Dave Linck

    Can it be three years since cyberspace was granted the merriment that is the David Allen blog? Congratulations on creating a consistently entertaining and informative site that has brought joy, pith and info to the people of the West End. Now, when will you delve into the mystery surrounding the “King Cole Market, Thrifty Drug and Hot Dog Show” fires that shook the world of Ontario’s kids during the dawn of Kennedy’s Camelot? Was there a lone arsonist? It’s all just so darn spooky…

    [See, there’s plenty of unexplored territory for my next three years! — DA]

  • Bob House

    Congratulations and thanks for 3 years of interesting insights about the 909! From someone who remembers when it was the “LYcoming.”

    [And Bob, thanks for being among the first to find this blog, and not only that, but for not being sick of it despite reading it from the beginning. — DA]