T. Rex to fairgoers: ‘Rrraaaaarrrr!’

45777-fair2010 005.jpg

This animatronic Tyrannosaurus is part of the “Jurassic Planet” exhibit at the L.A. County Fair. About 20 dinos, from various full-sized beasts to a few toddlers (if that’s the right word, and I’m sure it isn’t), move their heads, jaws, tails or puny arms. Entrance is free with Fair admission, and worth the time. Bonus: no calories.

Only nine days remaining for the Fair, which is closed Mondays and Tuesdays and ends Oct. 3.

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  • shirley wofford

    David, I always leave the URL space blank–I confess–what is a URL?

    Anyway, I think this dino in the picture was labeled as a Brontosaurus. When I saw it inside, I was surprised it was not the T-Rex, which is even bigger, and outside the exhibit building.

    I rave about this exhibit to everyone. It is so unique in these hi-tech times. The dino in one portion of the exhibit, that has been injured and bleeding a little, evidently is a changeover from the “battle” one that was there last year. Maybe the one last year frightened children — it was much more graphic, with one dino standing triumphant on another dino, that he had mortally wounded — it was pretty bloody, in comparison.

    The little dinosaurs just breaking out of the eggs are so cute. It is also interesting to visit the lecture given by the Paleontologist, who I learned is based in southeastern WY. The lecture brought out the interesting fact that, T-Rex evidently existed only in the US, mainly in the eastern portions of MT, WY and, in the Dakotas.

    I urge anyone who hasn’t seen Jurassic Planet to get to the fair and see it, before it is too late.

    [Y’know, it’s possible I didn’t look at the display card, but I’m fairly confident this is a T. Rex rather than a bronto. But feel free to prove me wrong. As for the URL, that space is only there for commenters who have their own blog to put in its address as a link. Just leave it blank and don’t worry about it. — DA]

  • judi

    Did you see the “Our Body” exhibit? Fascinating, but maybe not right after a deep fried Klondike bar.

    [I did see it, and right after lunch. I knew I wouldn’t want to eat afterward. The exhibit might be the subject of an upcoming column. — DA]

  • Local Librarian

    Actually David, this is a Giganotosaurus. As a mom with a young paleontologist, I was corrected when I incorrectly identified it as a T. Rex. We also loved the exhibit and the talk by the paleontologist.

    [If I make it back to the Fair this week, I’ll have to check the sign. — DA]