Restaurant of the Week: Aruffo’s Italian Cuisine

45882-aruffos 005.jpg

Aruffo’s Italian Cuisine, 126 Yale Ave. (at 2nd), Claremont

Sometimes restaurants become so familiar we sort of forget they’re there. I see Aruffo’s all the time and yet don’t see it. Aruffo’s opened in 1986 and it’s near my house, but I’d only eaten there once, maybe 10 years ago, and my memory was of a solid but unspectacular lunch. Recently a friend who loves the place suggested it for lunch and I was happy for the excuse to renew my acquaintance.


And yet I couldn’t pinpoint which street in the Village it’s on, guessing Harvard but finding it one block over, on Yale. Oh, yeah, across from Some Crust. Aruffo’s is quite pleasant inside, with lovely murals and vintage posters and an upscale feel. A delicious round loaf of herbed bread was delivered to our table. I had the salmon Caesar ($15, I think), which was topped with ocean-caught, not farm-raised, salmon. It was delicious too. My friend was likewise impressed by her arugula salad.

In other words, Aruffo’s made a strong second impression.


Update April 2016: And a strong third impression. I ate here with an Italian friend who loved her ravioli dish. I got the salmon caesar again.

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  • rich

    its a shame you sit on your taste buds I have checked out many spots you reviewed and like I said befor you sit on your taste buds

    [I might be hurt if I understood what you meant. — DA]

  • Eric


    The Aruffo’s are opening a second location next to Stater Bros. at D and Foothill in La Verne (the former Gambino’s location) in the next couple weeks. It should be a good addition to the center and the city. A bit more casual (and affordable) than the Claremont location, and under a different name.

    [Interesting! — DA]

  • Babu

    Oh, Mr. David, you are a very, very, very fine man…not like that idiot Jerry who forgot to pick up my mail. Please come to my location and I will make you a nice cushion for taste buds…then please explain to me why you must sit on them for Babu is not of this country…or maybe Rich is not of this world.

    [Your location? Oh, right, the Dream Cafe. You should really turn it into a Pakistani restaurant. — DA]