A fan and his flags

45429-feronflags 002.jpg

A residence on Archibald Avenue in Rancho Cucamonga is flying his or her flags proudly, all four of them: U.S., Dallas Cowboys, Texas state and L.A. Angels. Finally, at the bottom, an acknowledgment of California! The expatriate Texan must not think much of the Texas Rangers.

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  • shirley wofford

    He is saying something here — what it is, I don’t know; I can only guess. The tiny Texas flag does not reflect the usual pomposity of Texans about their state. Texas must have hurt him badly. He is still trying to hold on to a small shred of loyalty. He hasn’t gotten over his beloved Cowboys yet. But, he will, if the Angels give him a reason.

    [Show him some ink blots and we’ll see how he reacts. — DA]