• stupidhappyidiot

    How much did it cost to drop the “ion” from the sign? No charge. While its current state makes the sign less attractive, an Ion Promenade would definitely have a more negative impact.

    [I got a positive charge from your comment. — DA]

  • http://blogs.dailybulletin.com/rcnow Wendy Leung

    Soon the “enade” will be dropped, making this Garey establishment a prom queen.

    [Or the P and NADE could blink out, leaving us with an Italian beauty queen. — DA]

  • John Clifford

    Or the P and ADE could go out and we’d have a Japanese fast food queen (Miss Ramen).

    [This is fun! — DA]

  • judi

    Okay, can’t pass up word play.

    In the Bearer of Bad Tidings Pageant, the winner receives the title of Miss Omen.

    [And in the Meditation Pageant, she’s simply Miss Om. — DA]