Restaurant of the Week: Philly’s Grill

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Philly’s Grill, 1701 S. Grove Ave. (at Francis), Ontario

Sometimes you fall out of the habit of a visiting a restaurant. The reasons might be obvious, like a bad experience, or they might be obscure. You might just be tired of a place. For probably a year in circa 2001 this South Grove sandwich shop, then known as Philadelphia Grill, was a weekly stop. Then I gave up on it and moved on.

Recently I thought I’d try it again. In business since 1986, Philly’s and its green awning are still there, open Monday to Friday as befits its business park location. The UPS drivers who used to fill a couple of booths at lunchtime were absent, but I was there a bit late. The interior has been spruced up and the staff now brings your order to you.

They don’t have the daily specials they used to (curry chicken on Mondays and spaghetti on Wednesdays were favorites), but the menu remains wide-ranging: cheesesteaks, burgers, deli and sub sandwiches, wraps, teriyaki, salads, spaghetti, fajitas, grilled fish and traditional breakfasts. Whew! Some of it isn’t even on the menu board, only in the paper menu.

I had the cheesesteak combo ($7.39), which comes with fries (average) and soda. The sandwich was on a crusty roll with chopped meat, provolone and grilled onions. I’m no expert, but it was a good version of the Philly steak, even though it was made in a California industrial zone by Koreans.

I’ve since returned for teriyaki chicken ($6.39). Philly’s Grill isn’t going to be a weekly stop again, but I may be back. Revisiting it has been a pleasure.

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  • Ray B

    Hi David,
    Checked out the complex at 2125 Wright Avenue (at Fairplex) in La Verne. Didnt find a Phillys Grill, but there is a Genes Grinders at that address. Understand they serve a Philly cheesesteak.

    [Must be that the Philly’s people also own the Gene’s location, since both are listed on the Philly’s receipts. I’ll remove the La Verne location from the writeup since it’s a different name. — DA]

  • Christopher

    Mr Allen,

    You should also try Great Grinders and Burgers, located in the original Chunkie Grinder and Burgers location, their food is similar, but there is more selection.

    [Where’s that? — DA]

  • Christopher Morales

    Great Grinders and Burgers
    12423 Central Avenue
    Chino, CA 91710-2604
    (909) 464-0512