Columnists for council?

John Bredehoft’s blog Empoprises-IE (I have to admit, I’ve never understood the name; maybe John can enlighten us) recently noted that Gino Filippi is running for Upland City Council. Filippi, of course, has penned a wine column for our newspaper for years.

“So does this mean that David Allen will run for the city council in Claremont or Pomona or wherever he lives?” Bredehoft wonders.

No. But thanks for asking.

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  • Ramona

    Aw, come on, David. You spend a lot of time at the meetings anyhow.

    Go ahead and join up so you can enter into the fracas rather than just observe.

    Seriously, don’t blame you a bit for staying out of the political arena. You seem like too nice a person to get caught up in all the muck that occurs even at the local level these days.

    I’ve already voted via absentee ballot in the current mess. Is there a code word I can enter into my television set to stop receiving all the political ads?

    If anyone would know, I thought it would be you.

    [Afraid not. If you find out the code word, be sure to let us know. (My personal solution is to not turn on my TV, but that wouldn’t work for most people.) — DA]

  • Ramona’s right; it’s probably just as well you stayed out of the political fray. But I’d probably vote for ANYONE who could supply the secret code word to block political ads.

    “Empoprise,” by the way, is derived from my former online pseudonym, “Ontario Emperor.”

  • Ms. Lois


    I know from a reliable source (Pomona Holiday Parade 2007 I believe) that there was a sign for David Allen Mayor of Pomona. I’m still waiting to vote. 😉

    [Aww. — DA]