Inside PFF

46680-pff 009.jpg

Above is David Armstrong on the main floor of the old PFF Bank at 399 N. Garey Ave., Pomona, gazing at the Millard Sheets mural, which has been written about in this space previously.

Armstrong, who bought the building from the FDIC, is offering tours of the building from 2 to 4 p.m. Sunday. You can also be an armchair tourist by reading my Sunday column about the building and Armstrong’s plans.

Below is a view from the bank’s roof, looking south. In order from front to rear, you can see the Metrolink depot, the construction-shrouded Chase Bank (formerly Home Savings) and the Fox Theater.

46715-pff 003.jpg
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  • Matt Swift

    In the column piece you mention that the vault combinations were taped to the door, did you happen to write them down?

    [“Left 4x, 40; right…” DA]

  • Kristin McConnell

    The safe combo would have come in handy when the bank was open… 🙂

    My husband, kids and I were going to come today. Alas, Kelan decided to act his age (LOL). We ended up putting him down for a nap instead. Major, major bummer because we really wanted to see it! I hope Mr. Armstrong does another tour before he makes too many changes.

    By the way, I find coincidences fascinating and fun: I’m an Armstrong on my mother’s side. It was her middle name. There is no direct relation to the roses family, as our branch never stopped in Canada. But, the coincidence lies in David Armstrong’s first name. My cousin is also a David Armstrong. It just made me smile. 🙂

    [I have to say, the bank isn’t architecturally interesting at all. It’s just big. But it does have that spectacular mural. — DA]

  • Ygnacio Palomares

    We “above” salute Senor Armstrong for his dedication and his commitment to the lovely City of Pomona in preserving this enchanting mural that Senor Sheets gave to all of us. There seems to be a trend going of “pelons” (balding) gentlemen who have this city’s best interest in mind…Tessier, Armstrong, Allen…I’m sure the list goes on but I am watching baseball right now so will check in with you later…”vaya con dios.”

  • I was there for the Sunday showing. What a wonderful mural depicting California’s history from the original Native Tribes to right before the 1900s. Painted in 1956 (I saw the date).

    True, the building is just a big building, but I find it interesting that the whole place was 3 separate businesses/buildings at one time. The underground kitchen and offices were a bit creepy. And that last area, which was some sort of auto dealer/shop at one point, really makes the whole place funky.

    Great job and smart move on Mr. Armstrong for the amazing deal he got! Not to mention Western University will continue to rent the 2nd floor covering most of the new mortgage. Also comes with over 100 parking spaces! I think he said something like 180.

  • I had my very first bank account there — in that building. I was a youngster, so my mom had to be on the account.

    I still have the passbook somewhere among all of my old stuff.