Lesser of two evils?

47067-jafar 002.jpg

This billboard in Pomona appeals for votes for Jafar, the bad guy in the “Aladdin” movies, as favorite Disney villain, but it may strike cynics as a commentary on the hold-your-nose choices facing voters this political season. Hey, Jafar isn’t perfect, but at least he likes birds…

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  • Ramona

    We should use him as a write-in candidate on our ballots on election day. Couldn’t be much worse than some of our choices.

    I’m waiting for a “None of the above” option on ballots so that I don’t have to vote for any of the nitwits but I can still feel like I used my ballot appropriately. Leaving the spaces blank just doesn’t send the same message.

    [Sounds like Jafar has Ramona’s vote. — DA]