Unconstant comment

As you may have experienced yourself already, we’re having some commenting problems of late on various Bulletin blogs (sigh), so if yours won’t go through, it’s probably our fault, not yours. It’s being worked on.

Our tech folks say PC users with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari as their browser are having trouble. That’s basically every browser, isn’t it? It’s still possible to slip one through but it may take several attempts. Don’t blame you if it’s not worth your time. I left a comment on RC Now the other day and it required seven tries.

If all else fails, e-mail your comments to me at david.allen (at) inlandnewspapers.com and I’ll post them manually when I get home, where I have a Mac. And thank you for your patience.

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  • Carl Knecht

    Well, there is Opera, and for the really old tech, Lynx, a text based web browser…

  • Geoff Williamson

    Never had that flavor of tea. An excellent pun.

  • James Rodriguez (JimmyMac)

    Ah, another MacMan, great machine! Although I use a PC at work.

    [Ditto. — DA]