Updated links to local blogs

The “Other Sites of Interest” section over on the right side of this page has been updated. Even its name has changed; it used to be “Other Blogs of Interest.” Let me run down the differences.

Two inactive blogs have been dropped: IE Food and Restaurant Reviews and the Goddess of Pomona. The former has posted only once this year. Gong! And the Goddess appears to have retired her page. If someone wants “www.goddessofpomona.com,” the domain name would seem to be available.

While I was tinkering under the hood of my blog, I added three sites to the list, one of which isn’t a blog (which is why the label changed).

They are the online version of the Chino Champion newspaper, the La Verne Online website and the Claremont Courier’s City Beat blog. I’d have added the Courier itself but its content is only available to subscribers, so its blog is the next-best thing.

We have what I think is a nice lineup of 11 non-Bulletin sites for your reading pleasure: the cream of the crop of local blogs, two dining blogs that often feature Inland Valley restaurants and LA Observed, which offers a daily roundup of Southland news and opinion. I visit these sites daily. Steve Harvey’s Only in LA blog isn’t updated often but I’m keeping it here anyway, out of loyalty.

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  • The Goddess of Pomona recently told me that ze has had a bunch of problems with hir host and all and I think ze was getting blog-faded, too. But ze was the one who encouraged me to start the Goddess of Garey Avenue blog in Pomona. Check it out at http://www.goddessofgareyavenue.tk/

    [Nice to know there’s a new Goddess! — DA]

  • Deb

    And pomonawatch.blogspot.com. Pomona is the most blog-a-liscious city in the IE!

    [Indeed. If you’re not writing a blog in Pomona, you’re reading one. — DA]

  • Amen. It is totally blog-a-licious in Pomona.

  • shirley wofford

    How about a movie blog where you and your commenters can exchange up-to-date information on the movies showing in the area? I know that some people like to wait until movies come out on DVD, so they can just watch them at home, but nothing is flatter at home, without a group audience, than a comedy.

    I just saw “Morning Glory” yesterday, and I am still laughing. I looked it up on the “Rotten Tomatoes” website, and it only gets 52% from the large group of critics, from whom the site elicits.

    I have decided that critics in general do not give out many kudos to anything that is totally entertaining, and a break from the serious issues we deal with every day. I think the ordinary people like me might look at it quite differently.

    I was also planning to see “Due Date,” and then I saw a review on TV, pointing a “shame finger” at the scene where Zack falls asleep at the wheel and careens himself and Robert Downey Jr. off a bridge. The person or group complaining said that drowsy driving is a very serious issue and should not be laughed about.

    (I know that — I had a drowsy driving accident a few years ago and “killed” a sprinkler control box that belonged to my employer I have given thanks every day of my life since, that the object I destroyed was not a human being.)

    I’m still thinking about whether or not RD Jr. and Zack (I cannot remember how to spell his name) are worth ignoring my conscience for two hours. A heads-up review from one of your commenters, in place of the entertainment police, might help me and others.

    Enough silliness for now David.

    [A movie blog isn’t a bad idea at all, Shirley, although I doubt it will happen, because I don’t know where we’d put it or who would oversee it, since we don’t have a staff reviewer (or even much of a staff). Comments could make for fun reading but I don’t think they’d be very helpful. Any movie is going to be someone’s favorite, so you’re still left with sorting out whether a movie is worth your time. — DA]

  • shirley wofford

    I was suggesting that it would be a branch of your blog, David. (My mental telepathy is on, and I can already see you laughing, while rolling on the floor.)

  • Just to let regulars at this blog know, a while after the article above was posted — last weekend the Goddess of Pomona brought hir blog back to life: it can be found at http://goddessofpomona.blogspot.com/ Yay!