The ‘cherpumple’

Ontario native Charles Phoenix made the front page of the Wall Street Journal on Nov. 6 with a fun story about a holiday dessert he created that’s catching on: the “cherpumple.”

The story describes it as “a three-layer cake with an entire pie baked into each layer — a cherry pie baked inside a white cake, a pumpkin pie baked inside a yellow cake and an apple pie baked inside a spice cake. He stacked the layers and sealed them with a coat of cream-cheese frosting.”

“I was inspired,” he says, “to combine all my family’s traditional holiday desserts into one.”

Watch a 5-minute video of the L.A. author and humorist in the kitchen, and see the recipe, here.

Phoenix, by the way, will offer his “Retro Holiday Slide Show” in Pomona on Dec. 11 at the NHRA Museum. Details here.

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  • Allan

    Thanks for clearing this up, David. This explains the vapor trail off the coast earlier this week. It must have been the first time cherpumple was served with a turducken.

    Similar effect to a “total protonic reversal” from crossing the streams of two proton packs. Serving it with a moji-rita-colada would be catastrophic, “the results of which could cause a chain reaction that
    would unravel the very fabric of the space time continuum, and destroy the entire universe!” It would be “as if a million voices cried out and were
    suddenly silenced.”

    There you go, a Ghostbusters, Back To The Future, and Star Wars quote all stuffed in the same comment!

    [I keep getting “text entered was wrong” which I’m assuming is a captcha error as opposed to the server’s editorial opinion about my comment]

    [sleuth mode on: when I view the source using firebug and mouse over the img tag in the source, the captcha img field resolves to an image that says “paa7wc” but the image on screen says “qc53zf.” I’ll plug in the paa7wc and see what happens…very strange behavior, captcha may be going more random than we’d like.]

    [Allan still couldn’t get his comment through, so he e-mailed it in for me to post. Our tech guys are still working on it… DA]

  • hugh.c.mcbride

    Dunno how many Sanford & Son fans follow this blog, but I’ve gotta believe that the perfect beverage to accompany this dish would be Fred’s famous Champagne/Ripple blend.

    What’s for dessert? Cherpumple & Champipple!

  • shirley wofford

    I feel 10 pounds heavier, after just reading this.