Gluten and Claremont

The L.A. Times’ Food section Thursday has a feature on Shauna James Ahern, a Washington state resident diagnosed in 2005 with celiac disease who now has a popular blog, Gluten-Free Girl, with recipes to eliminate gluten (found in foods with wheat, barley and rye) as well as what the Times called “gloriously decadent food photos.”

Ahern is described as having grown up “in Claremont and Pomona.”

This reminded me that Claremont is home to StellaLucy, a market at 101 N. Indian Hill Blvd. specializing in gluten-free foods.

Yes, it all ties together somehow (at least in my mind).

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  • Steven Rosenberg

    Nice to see gluten-free gaining a toehold.

  • Frank

    I agree. I think.

  • Samuel Adams

    So, the People’s Rebublic of Claremont is proposing “gluten free” products? I myself, and some of the founding fathers, really don’t understand what the heck is wrong with wheat, barley and rye. Is it a tea-party revolution or are we tired of trying to save the whales? So, long live John Barleycorn and my own masterful brews that wouldn’t exist if “they” prevailed.