Happy Thanksgiving

I’ll have columns my usual three days this week, but I probably won’t be posting anything here until next week.* Enjoy the holiday, and if you’re tempted to wait in line outside a store in the cold and dark Friday morning to save a few bucks, don’t do it (unless this interferes with Directive No. 1 to enjoy the holiday, in which case, do what makes you happy).

* OK, here’s something: the first new “Only in L.A.” blog post in months. Funny stuff.

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  • Kristin McConnell

    I just read your most recent column, and my blood boiled at Mr. Clem Smith. Teachers make too much money? Grrr…… True, my gross annual is respectable. However what I bring home is an entirely different story. Over 50% (not kidding, I did an accounting) of what I earn goes for taxes, dues, my 403 (B) and most expensive of all, health insurance. Of my 69K, I bring home 33K. I live in a tiny 998 square foot house in a marginal neighborhood and I can’t get out. If he thinks he can raise two children and support a jobless husband on THAT, he has my praise. But, for now, I could just slap him. Grr….

    [He said in his letter (I didn’t include this part) that he’s a tax preparer who has teachers among his clients. At least he did, before they read his comments in my column. — DA]