Inland Valley Photo Quiz No. 5

48337-mysteryphoto 004.jpg

It’s been six months since our last quiz. Where does the time go? Take a guess as to where the above scene is located. The answer will be revealed tomorrow morning.

Btw, if you hadn’t noticed, for the past few weeks comments have been posting here automatically, and it’s too much trouble to change it back to make me the moderator, so you can now avail yourself of others’ guesses if you choose, or avert your eyes if you prefer.

Here’s a link to the 4th quiz.

* 5 p.m.: Your guesses were correct! The photo was taken at Vineyard and Airport Drive near Ontario Airport, looking northeast. I don’t know why the empty sign has been allowed to rot there for so many years, but the vines do give it a sort of nature-reclaiming-its-own-after-a-nuclear-holocaust vibe, don’t they?

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  • Eric

    It is at the intersection of Vineyard and Airport Drive, just north of ONT.

  • Richard

    I belive it’s the corner of Vineyard and the railroad tracks just below Holt. The sign that has been covered in green was once a car rental or parking lot for the airport…I think.

  • Duane

    This is looking northeast from East Airport Drive and S. Vineyard Ave.