One giant reindeer


Photo by Priscilla Fuchita

Eight tiny reindeer? In Chino, there’s one giant reindeer.

“This could be the biggest reindeer in Chino or maybe in the IE. He stands over 15 feet tall and is over 8 feet long,” reports reader Steve Burdi, who built the reindeer with his wife, Connie, over the course of a month.

Ginormas, as they call it, was erected Dec. 11 by the Burdis with help from Steve Kreft, Patrick Sullivan and Tony Dean and decorations by Lisa Dean and Stephanie Sullivan.

“My wife and I thought this would be a great Christmas gift for the families and children of Chino, as we have been residents of this great city for over 25 years,” Steve Burdi says, “and also for neighboring cities to drive by and take pictures of our newest member to the Burdi family, Ginormas the Reindeer.”

See him at 4073 Polk Court, Chino. If he flies off to help Santa, the neighborhood may shake.

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  • Stupid Happy Idiot

    Somewhere in Orange County, there’s a front lawn decorated with a giant wooden “Female Alaskan Figure” taking aim with a giant hunting rifle. ‘Tis the season, after all.

  • Joy

    This is great! I wish I had one for my front yard! Merry Christmas!

  • Greg Sullivan Sr.

    Great job building the reindeer on steroids!

    All she (he?) is missing is the big red light bulb on the nose!

  • This is cool!…What a creative thing to do!

  • Stephanie Sullivan

    As my husband said, “Holly Christmas!” This thing is amazing! Your hard work paid off Dad! Now how in the world are you going to top that off next year?!?!?!?

  • Jim

    Aerodynamically speaking, I hope they get the nose painted red before old Santa Ana sends it flying downwind…

  • Ted

    The Chino cops were over there too on the adjacent street. Kennedy. Probably holding the other 11 reindeer hostage.

  • Joe

    Wow, that’s a big one!