Have a multi-culti Christmas


Photo: John Valenzuela

On Rancho Cucamonga’s Thoroughbred Lane, a tourist attraction at Christmastime because of the lavish decorations, a homeowner has posted a “Keep Off the Grass” sign in English, Spanish and Korean Chinese. They really, really want you to stay off their lawn.

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  • Annie

    Korean??? Um, not quite.

    [Oops, you’re right. Thanks for the correction. — DA]

  • Clearly, the fine folks of Thoroughbred have completely underestimated the grass-stompin potential of the Inland Empire’s thriving French-, German- & Portuguese-speaking communities.

    And Lord help us if Latin speaking trespassers ever get themselves organized …

    [To paraphrase “Jaws”: “We’re going to need a bigger sign.” — DA]

  • Tommy Chong

    HEY MAN! I’ve been told for 40 years now to keep off the grass, man, and now some elitist homeowner in Altacucaloma is making a sign for it during the holidays, man….ok…just don’t mess with my brownies, man.

    [Okay, man. — DA]

  • Poor Santa. He’s so confused. “Should I stop here or should I keep off the grass? Maybe I’ll just hang with surfer Santa a few doors down and chat with the flamingos.”