Blog problems

The computer server for all the blogs in our newspaper chain had a meltdown late last week that slowed down the posting of new entries by up to 48 hours (!). It’s all being worked on and entries are now said to be posting immediately.

More importantly, though, the commenting feature on all the blogs was taken down Monday. The meltdown related to a deluge of spam messages, so all comments on all blogs are blocked for now until the problem is dealt with.

Makes sense, but on top of the other issues many of you have been having with commenting here, it’s frustrating. Even in the short term, what’s a blog without reader comments?

So, I’m going to refrain from posting anything else here until the comment function is restored, other than updating this post.

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  • chris moran

    Testing to see if commenting is working

  • Wendy Leung

    That’s too bad. I’m having blog problems, too.

  • Stephen

    I keep turning up the brightness, but a lot of the comments are still pretty dumb. 😀