Blog is back up

5 p.m. Thursday: Looks like we’re accepting comments again. If you wish to comment on any of the last four posts (Reading Log, Favorite movies, Best quotes or this one), go for it. I’ll return to regular posting next week.

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  • shirley Wofford

    I can relate to your frustration with the computer system, David. While your system was down, I did not have a Verizon land line, which provides my computer service. After being on and off with every rain and off most of the month of December, we finally got service back yesterday.

    I remember the days when, if phone service went out, there was always someone from the phone company there in a day or two. Now, we talk to people who are sitting in cubicles, looking at computers in Florida and India. The one in Florida hung up on me last week when I got a little testy after she told me she wouldn’t be sending anyone to help me until Jan. 20.

    Anyway, glad you’re back up.

    [And glad you’ve got phone service back. Sheesh. The world has certainly changed, hasn’t it? — DA]