Can we hear you now?

Many of you have found it difficult or impossible to post comments here in recent months. Then came the blog meltdown, which as noted here was throughout our newspaper chain and kept everyone from commenting. This was fixed when our IT people in Denver essentially flushed the entire system.

Want to try leaving a comment? We’re curious whether, as a side benefit, the reboot cured whatever glitch was blocking some of you. If you still get the “Text entered wrong” message when you know you’ve entered the captcha code correctly, send me an e-mail at david.allen (at)

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  • Joey Catuara

    Seeing if commenting works.

  • Ramona

    If this works it’ll be a relief to know that I can post my blather again.

    Having a Captcha glitch must have been a mixed blessing.

  • Ted Melendez

    Y2K still lingering maybe, but still funny its only 11 years late

  • John Clifford

    Here I am. No, wait, now I’m over there. Can’t keep up with myself.

    [As long as you’re here, that’s the important thing. Did you all get through on the first try? So far no one has e-mailed to say they couldn’t push a comment through. — DA]

  • John Clifford

    Got through first try. It must be working!

  • Just trying if it works.

  • Bob House

    Come in. Come in. Phoenix calling the David Allen blog. Do you read me?

    [We read you loud and clear. Over! — DA]

  • Trying to make this the most commented entry in David’s blog.

    [Every little bit helps. — DA]

  • cherie savoie

    we can hear you but we need more cowbell.

    [*choonk* *choonk* *choonk* … Wait, that may have been a woodblock. — DA]