New Year’s resolutions?

We’re 10 days into the new year, which means your resolutions have either taken hold or are abandoned already. Want to share any resolutions or plans still in play for 2011?

Mine include becoming more technologically connected, taking at least one trip outside the United States and again reading 50 books.

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  • Allan

    My resolution is the same as last year: 1280×1024 except on older machines that can only go to 1024×768. Wait, did you mean the other kind of resolution? In that case, it’s usually 300dpi for print and 72dpi for web. Maybe you meant 720p or 1080i?

    This is terrible! It’s 10 days in and I can’t keep up with my resolutions.

    [There, there. Some people don’t last that long. — DA, blogger/therapist]

  • Ramona

    Many, many years ago I made the one resolution that I’ve been able to keep:

    Never, never make New Year’s resolutions.

    Most folks just set themselves up for a resounding sense of failure by pledging to do stuff that’s good for them and failing to keep the promise a few weeks in.

    If something needs changing in your life, change it when you become aware of the need for change.

    Could someone help me down off this soapbox?

    (Captcha seems to be working for me again. Aren’t ya glad!?)

    [Our IT people must have made a resolution to fix that. But why did they wait until January instead of fixing it when they became aware of the need for change? — DA]

  • Nancy

    I want to read more this year and I’m starting off pretty good. My wonderful family all chipped in and got me a Nook to help me. I’ve read 5 1/2 books since Jan 1 and I now need more hours at work so I can buy more e books! Fortunate for me, my mother in law likes the same stuff I do and got one last year so I can “borrow” her books once we figure out how to do it. I see a trip to Barnes and Noble coming up soon! I’m a hands on learner, show me don’t “tell” me!

    [A book every other day? You ARE starting off pretty good! — DA]

  • Dennis

    Hi David,

    After years of resolutions which achieved nothing but guilt, grief, and frustration, I adopted one a few years back that works very well for me. It is
    “Moderation in all things, including moderation.” I haven’t broken it yet.

    [Makes sense. You don’t want to overdo moderation. — DA]

  • Charles Bentley


    David, I first want to say it’s a pleasure to be able to directly comment again to your blog, saving the added steps that I’m sure were quite tiresome to you. In addition, it’s a joy to have your blog up and running again.

    As to my resolutions, I have three …

    1) Walk more often (I’m aiming to walk at least two miles each day for 250 of the 365 days in 2011).

    2) Find more money (Last year I found $5.30, much of it during my morning walks, typically a penny or two at a time. That works out to better than a dime a week).

    3) Reduce personal clutter (I want to clear out those boxes that haven’t been opened since I moved into my house 7+ years ago and, at the same time, better organize what I own).

    If I can accomplish all three, I should be healthier & wealthier by the end of 2011. As for wiser, we’ll have to wait and see.

    [Good to have you back, Charles. I haven’t found any money yet in 2011 but netted almost a dollar in small change from a Fresh and Easy parking lot late in 2010. — DA]