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As a wage slave in a fabric-covered box myself, I knew I had to see “Cubicle,” an exhibit at Pomona’s dA Center for the Arts (on view through Feb. 1). The paintings and photos are cool, but even moreso are the two mock ceramic cubicles, each object within made from terra cotta by Jon Ginnaty. Each piece is for sale, from pens ($14.99) to computer ($599.99, a price that includes a “complimentary mouse pad”).

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  • DebB

    Far, far too neat to be realistic! Interesting that whoever works here is left-handed, according to the mouse placement…

  • Dee

    They left out the Fritos, Tab, and Mountain Dew.;)

    [Also the clutter. Can you make terra cotta clutter? — DA]

  • Allan

    “Interesting that whoever works here is left-handed, according to the mouse placement…”

    I was about to say it was just aesthetic balance with the computer tower on the right side (which probably would have been on the floor to save desk space) but it does seem like every “grabbable” object is to the left — pens, mouse, phone handsets, printouts.

    As for the fritos/mt. dew, maybe they’ve been consumed and the remnants are inside the trash bin. Would be funny if the monitor had php code for a login page. 🙂

  • Brent

    Where are Fred and Wilma?

  • Leslie A. Brown


    Glad you liked the show. I saw Jon’s work about a year ago while looking at Richard White’s work at Saddleback college. Saw it out of the corner of my eye and fell in love with the work.