The essentials of life


If memory serves, this shop at Base Line and Carnelian in Rancho Cucamonga used to be named Water and Ice. (* Or maybe it was only The Water Store.) The name upgraded a year or so back to Coffee and Water. (Next door, incidentally, is a smoke shop.)

Coffee and Water sounds like a good place to take a blind date, especially if you’re cheap (“two waters, please”).

But what will the next incarnation be? Perhaps the storefront will focus on catering to convicts, under the name Bread and Water.

While we’re being silly, anyone want to suggest other possible combinations/clientele?

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  • Dean

    I only remember it being called The Water Store. But that may be 10+ years ago when I was a student at the surrounding schools and frequented the shopping center.

    They could turn that part into a laundromat and merge with the smoke shop for “Fluff & Puff.”

    [Heh. I remember the Water Store name, now that you mention it. Maybe there was only a sign in the window about ice. — DA]