Panda fans

Had dinner with a friend at Panda Express (hey, it wasn’t my idea) in Rancho Cucamonga at Vineyard and Foothill, in the Albertsons center. We’ve been there before (also not my choice). It’s a surprisingly popular place, one where people drift in and out all evening.

This time, on a warm January evening, the front door was propped open and the line of 10 or so people actually stretched out to the sidewalk.

A line out the door? At a Panda Express? Those two-item combos really pack ’em in.

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  • Aaron from Rancho

    Try to convince your friend to go to Thai T…they got their “A” back and it is super close to that intersection.

  • Shirley wofford

    I became a devotee of Panda Express years ago, when I was attending weekly concerts at CA Plaza in L.A. There, it is directly adjacent to the Watercourt. I was thrilled to see the chain finally open up several outlets in this area.

    According to what I have read about the company, it is a family business, and they are extremely fair to the employees, regarding compensation and benefits. I believe, as I remember reading, the fast food outlets are extensions of the Panda Inn restaurant.

    One of my favorite PE items is eggplant with tofu in spicy-garlic sauce. I usually have to request it because, it is evidently not a regular item. Another most delicious item, available at the Montclair Plaza PE location, is honey-walnut shrimp–it costs an extra dollar on the order.

    [I did notice a sign in the restaurant about hiring that touted 401(k) and paid time off. — DA]

  • Kristy

    I’ve never understood the obsession with Panda Express. The one on Grand & Badillo in Covina is like that every night. If you wanna try some great Chinese food, try Royal Panda on Arrow in San Dimas.

    [I’ve written here about a couple of good Chino Hills Chinese restaurants, Peking Deli and Good Time Cafe. — DA]

  • James Rodriguez Fontana

    The wife and I love Panda Express, we go to the one on Cherry & Baseline Fontana, only one complaint that we can’t get resolved. We love their hot sauce packets with our meals but they only give us one or two, I request more but only get bad looks and maybe one more, I asked the counter people to let me buy them but to no avail. I notice that they sell their other sauces in jars but not the hot sauce. I went to their web site but found no link to complain or request a jar.

    [Shocking. — DA]