Fat feline

There’s a fat cat around Claremont, and I don’t mean a rich guy. According to the Courier’s Police Blotter, a dentist’s office last month phoned police after a patient brought in a large wild cat, described as possibly a leopard.

“Police checked out the situation,” the Courier reported, “and discovered the animal was just a large house cat.”

A large house cat that could use a lap band.

Side issue: Who brings a cat of any size with them to the dentist?

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  • http://www.lagumbay.com/ Allan

    Did anyone ask the large house cat how it felt about Mondays? If it starts humming an old Boomtown Rats song, this could be filed as a celebrity sighting.

    [And was it eating lasagna? Hmm. — DA]

  • Ted M

    ‘Cause if you bring in a cat you get better puuuuuuuuurking. Thank you very much.

  • shirley wofford

    Two things. Is it a stray that the patient was trying to rescue, and took it to the dentist’s office, hoping someone would adopt it? Or is it the patient’s pet? I would guess it is the former situation, since the DO called police, because they feared it was a leopard or other wild-type cat. There aren’t many “Ding-a-ling” people in Claremont, so I’m doubting they were concerned about the patient. Because, otherwise, what such patient could afford to go to the dentist?

    Cats usually get very frightened, if they have to leave the comfort of their usual surroundings. So, I assume it was in a cage at the DO, and had to be left alone in the waiting room, unless the patient brought along a cat sitter. Wish I could get more on the situation from the Courier, but they don’t let us look at them online anymore (for free, that is–too bad).

    [I basically repeated everything the Courier said but will agree the call leaves a lot of questions. But I don’t mind a little mystery. — DA]