Taking the train … a few blocks?

I was catching up on John Bredehoft’s quirky IE blog and found a funny post from October (read it here) about what happened when he Googled the Ontario appliance store Cagle’s: Besides the address and phone number, he got information on how to get there via Amtrak. Heh heh.

(There are only two days per week that one could take the Sunset Limited from Tucson, Ariz., to shop at Cagle’s, Bredehoft discovered. Good to know.)

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  • shirley wofford

    Now you have me curious — we bought our last two washers and one dryer from Cagles, but we haven’t had any breakdowns in a while, and I am wondering if they are still there. I didn’t even know an Amtrak came close to Ontario, even two days/wk. Wouldn’t the passenger have to get off the train in Pomona, and take a cab to Cagles?

    Now, I am even more curious about the Amtrak, because Tommy Lee Jones has a new movie coming out entitled “The Sunset Limited.” I haven’t bothered to check it out yet, because I take for granted it is bound to be good with TLJ.

    [There’s an Amtrak station downtown near the Ontario museum on Lemon, near Holt and Euclid. — DA]

  • shirley wofford

    Well, I should have checked on “Rotten Tomatoes,” like I usually do, before I told that tidbit, out of school. It seems there is a movie coming out with Tommy Lee Jones and Samuel Jackson, entitled “The Sunset Limited.” But, it is going to be on HBO, not in the movie houses, and premieres Feb. 12. I bet it will still be good, on the small screen.

  • http://empoprise-bi.blogspot.com/ John E. Bredehoft (Empoprises)

    A friend of mine in Texas is planning to come out to Southern California in a couple of months. I’ll ask him if he needs any appliances – suitcase-size appliances.