My Super Bowl Sunday included a late breakfast at Jack’s Coffee Shop in Whittier with a friend, a visit to Whittier’s Little Old Bookshop (which, in a news flash, just changed hands and is now called Half Off Books), a mid-afternoon lunch at an uncharacteristically empty Mix Bowl Cafe in Pomona (at game time) and a book break at an uncharacteristically quiet Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in Claremont.

Two senior men were in front of me in line. They concluded the Super Bowl was to blame for the calm.

“Who’s playing?” one asked.

“The Steelers and…” the other said, forehead crinkled in thought. He couldn’t come up with the other team.

“You can tell the baseball guys from the football guys,” his friend replied with a chuckle.

I had a good day but wish I’d planned something better, like a visit to a place that’s always packed — The Grove, say, or Philippe’s — just to revel in the elbow room.

How was your Super Bowl Sunday — especially if it didn’t include the Super Bowl?

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