Borders to close Montclair, Chino stores

Borders Books is closing dozens of stores throughout the U.S. due to bankruptcy, including two of its three Inland Valley locations: Montclair and Chino. Sob! They’ll likely close in April.

The Rancho Cucamonga store at Victoria Gardens will remain open. Here’s the full list of closures.

Speaking as a Borders Rewards cardholder, it’s a darn shame. I visit the Montclair store all the time (it’s on my way home) and have been to the Chino store a few times. The VG store is inconvenient for me so I’m sure I’ll be spending less at Borders.

Any customers want to comment?

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  • Ted Melendez

    The Borders in Montclair has better inventory than the Borders in Chino/Chino Hills location so I shop there. I guess I’ll have to buy a kindle or a kindle knockoff and download my books now booooooooo.

    [The Chino Borders looks smaller than the Montclair store, but I did find a couple of Twain books there that Montclair didn’t have. — DA]

  • shirley wofford

    Being a Montclair resident, I see this as more tragedy to add to the tragedy we have been seeing for about three years now.

    The north and south malls on those respective sides of the Plaza are being obliterated by this horrible economy. I don’t see things getting better — only worse, unless the leaders, starting with DC, figure out a way to get people working again. What are they going to do about the 50,000 factories that closed during GWB’s tenure? We cannot afford to lose our Redevelopment Agencies, either, to add to this carnage.

    Borders is a lovely store. I have not been a daily customer — but I liked knowing it was there, because it added a little class to the area. I have purchased some specific items there over the years — book stores are fun places to visit and just chill out a little, contrary to the hassle one must go through, when required to shop for everyday items needed for survival.

    Getting back to the economy — there is a documentary movie, “Inside Job,” that has been nominated in the Oscar categoy of “Best Documentary Feature.” I viewed it when it was at the Claremont Laemmle a few months ago. Since the Oscar nomination, the Laemmle has been giving the movie extra showings on weekends. It will be showing in Claremont this Saturday and Sunday, at 11:10 a.m. I urge everyone I know to see it. It a very comprehensive and entertaining breakdown of the economic crisis.

  • Mark

    The only surprise for me is that it took this long for Montclair to close. When they got rid of most of the dvd’s & cd’s I stopped going. The last time I was there… you could fire a cannon & nobody would have noticed.

    Amazon has the best prices for books (I still like reading books, not electronics). With the price Borders charges… it’s hard not to buy via the internet.

    [Fair points, although I’m a browser who prefers stores. For those with a rewards card, Borders is practically giving books away; you can get a book or two a week for 40 to 50 percent off. — DA]

  • Kristin McConnell

    Like Mark, I’m surprised it has taken this long. When my son was very tiny–just born–we noticed their inventory shrank. It was just ::gone::. They stopped carrying certain magazines and their ordering service could never find the titles I was looking for, but I could find them anywhere else.

    It’s very sad, though. We always liked Borders better than Barnes and Noble, but we’ve been going to B&N for the past three years. American Bungalow Magazine ( once lamented the fact that they had to stop shipping to Borders because of their lack of payment for the issues sold. It was a very sad and dramatic situation. I guess the best word for this situation is “sad”. Especially since I’ve used it so much in this note. LOL 🙂

    [Closeout sale begins today, Saturday. Btw, it was “sad” running into you and your family at the library the other night. — DA]

  • Dwight

    I’m sorry for all those who will be out of a job. They were always nice to me at that store.

    Apologies to the DB, but where will I find the OC Register anywhere near Claremont? (Yes I still read newsPAPERS.)

  • Andrea Vuleta

    Hi David-

    You may be surprised to hear that I too am sad to see Borders go. It has huge ramifications for my industry overall. And I am already receiving resumes for some highly qualified folks, but no jobs to fill.

    Before I was in the book industry, I did shop infrequently at Borders. I did not find as much as some folks to recommend it, but I rarely leave a bookstore empty-handed.

    Thought I’d offer this link, with a list of other bookstores.

    Full disclosure, I am on this list, but there are plenty of others as well. As a child-focused store, we do not have all the browsing options your readers may want, but most bookstores can special order titles. Some folks have realized they can order online with an in-store pick up option as well. Who knows? Maybe we will expand our little adult section? Already read (and ordered) the new David Foster Wallace, “The Pale King.”


    [Andrea is manager of Mrs. Nelson’s Bookstore in La Verne, a children’s bookshop with a small grownup section and, as she notes, the ability to order books. — DA]

  • A Former Borders Bookseller

    This was a long time coming, but I am still shocked that it took this long for the Montclair store to close. I was sure that it was going to close in 08, and that it, nor the company, wouldn’t last until that Christmas. That was the year that I left after giving half a decade to the company.

    I feel terrible for the employees, many whom are college students or have young kids. Even after I left, I still visited the store about twice or three times a month. It’s been my home bookstore since 1997. Now the closest to me is the Barnes and Noble that is across the parking lot from the Montclair Borders. I like that store, but it doesn’t have the same selection nor do I have the same connection to it.

  • Terry

    The last time I was at Borders Montclair, I spent an hour looking for a couple of books to close out my gift cards with.

    I had extensive discussions with a couple of the clerks about the inventory in the store (the political section leaned very heavily towards the Glenn Becks/Sarah Palins/Rush Limbaugh [both types of authors and fans]). I actually had gone looking for a book (any book) by Molly Ivins. Well, I got shut out there.

    So then I started looking for top 20 NY Times Fiction, and couldn’t find that either. The clerks knew their time was coming, and I must say, for them I feel sadly, but not for the store — I was told their inventory was decided for them by corporate.

    I am sentimental enough to be sad about it, as my sons and I used to spend Friday night date nights there, when the place swarmed. My older son always took his first date there, and if she was liked it, he stayed interested. LOL!

    [I never saw a copy of Twain’s “new” autobiography despite it being a bestseller and your story indicates why. — DA]