• shirley wofford

    Your city of residence’s high school boys’ soccer team became the Division 2, CIF Champions, last night. It had been 17 years between CIF Championships for Claremont High School. The current coach was also the coach 17 years ago. Too bad that you were not the sports writer. You surely would have given them a better congratulatory headline than the DB did.

  • MIke J. DHS Alumni

    Agree Shirley!!! A HUGE Congrats to FBO and the Pack on their win!! Good luck on Monday vs. Coronado HS!!

  • Granny Andy

    The always exciting activities prior to City Council elections.

  • Terry

    Ex Upland Mayor JP turned himself in to FBI.

  • Ted Melendez

    There’s a new sign on the old Starbucks place on euclid and the 60 freeway. It’s called no 1. new restaurant maybe or another thrift mart. I guess I’ll take a closer peek and send in my results here.

    [You’re almost as out of the loop as I am! — DA]

  • Dave

    Upland; The city of disgraceful living

  • stephanie

    I saw Liquorama on the local news the other day. The Upland liquor store has a ginormous bottle of Chopin vodka on display. It’s supposed to be checked out by the Guinness Book of World Records folks. Although the name “Liquorama” wasn’t mentioned, I recognized the store by the dateline & video.