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Seen Thursday on Foothill Boulevard west of Hellman and east of Big Lots, a strawberry patch is being plowed under for a minimall. Whew! I’d been worried Rancho Cucamonga didn’t have enough of those.

* The grower tells me that despite the sign and construction fence, the activity relates solely to the Hellman Avenue pipeline project a few yards away. OK, we can stand down.

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  • Derek Christensen

    In decades past, that “Strawberry Patch” used to be a grape vineyard and had a rather rustic looking building that was the office of Bello Realty.

  • Steven Blaszcak

    David, you should have known that the Rancho Cucamonga Redevelopment Agency would never allow the precious little that’s left of Rancho’s rural past to be turned into a minimall. Never in a million years! Not even if plowing up strawberries was a great opportunity to hide redevelopment money from Gov. Brown.

    [Heh. — DA]

  • As a business that serves Rancho Cucamonga every day, we would hate to see what is left of Rancho Cucamonga’s green past be taken over by more construction. Glad to read that is not the case!

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