Daily Bulletin on Vacation

50741-mexicocity 064.jpg

Photo: Crayton Harrison

Even amidst the bustle of Paseo de la Reforma in Mexico City, vacationing columnist David Allen’s attention is held by the news out of Upland, a city currently undergoing some “reforma” of its own.

Friday’s column is the first of three or four I expect to write about Mexico City. If you’ve ever been there, what did you think?

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  • DebB

    I was there for one day on my way to somewhere else. But in that one day I managed to get squeezed onto the subway; take an extremely harrowing ride in a taxi; go shopping in what seemed like an old village but was probably made for tourists; and even see the Ballet Folklorico! I really enjoyed it and will be interested to read your impressions.

  • Mason

    I smell a new Facebook profile picture.

    [Not a bad idea. — DA]

  • Doug Evans

    Fun column! Welcome back! Let me first to correct your Spanish down at the bottom there: Instead of “David Allen escribes viernes, domingo and miercoles,” it should be “David Allen escribe…” with no ‘s’. And you probably should have gone with “…domingo y miercoles” instead of “and.” No need to thank me! It’s what I’m here to do. Looking forward to reading more!

    [Since there’s no need to thank you, I won’t. — DA]

  • Doug Evans

    …and I followed Doug’s Law! A law I made up and named after myself. Doug’s Law is that anytime you post a snarky comment on the internet correcting someone’s grammar/spelling/sentence structure, you yourself will make a mistake in that comment. And I see I did just that! I left a couple of words out of my third sentence up there. Apparently Doug’s Law applies in Spanish just as much as in English. Huzzah!

    Now to post this and see if Doug’s Law also works on comments about Doug’s Law.

  • Went there years ago, not long after the big quake. Was warned mercilessly about the crime but had a great time. Went to Teotihuacan, Chapultepec Park, rode the subway, mercados, and more. Great city.