• Ramona

    Hopefully, someone will put a “dumbster” in an area that can be used by the general public. There is at least one person of my acquaintance that I – and others – would like to dispose of.

    Are the deposits in there recycled? Talent Factory? Taking the dumbster contributions and making them talented and less dumb?

    The mind boggles.

    (The word “dumbster” drove the spellcheck app crazy!)

  • John Clifford

    Can we get one of these at Pomona City Hall?

  • Judy

    I would have thought this was located in Upland. Seems there might be need for it there when they use the cost of an election as an excuse to appoint a mayor, but then go to an election to replace the vacated council seat under the guise of transparency. If you are going to an election, then why not vote for the Mayor’s seat? If he is selected, they can use the next highest vote getter to fill his seat. Apparently, since he wasn’t elected mayor when he ran, this must be the only way it can happen. Why does this not make me feel more confident about Upland’s leadership?

    By the way, kudos for asking him about it. You seem to be the only one willing to go there. Obviously, you aren’t a dumbster.

    [I do my best. — DA]