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In Montclair, the CompUSA building at 9059 Central Ave. at Moreno Street, vacant since 2007, is preparing for a new, non-retail tenant: a very large Asian-themed restaurant. Paradise Buffet will occupy 14,000 square feet and seat 300, according to City Hall.

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  • shirley wofford

    We formerly had a computer supermart there, which was great — just go there to buy your computer and any other little thing you needed for it. I bought my spouse a laptop in 2006, and included a $260 exta maintenance insurance policy with it. Then the economy started taking everything down, the store went bankrupt, and I was never able to take advantage of the maintenance insurance.

    Another all-you-can-eat buffet is little consolation for replacement of a computer mart. We already have two similar concerns within a half-mile of the new location.

    [Further evidence those “insurance” policies aren’t worth the money. — DA]

  • shirley wofford


  • Ted Melendez

    4 years to make up their minds. No wonder I shop at the Ontario Mills more often.