The contractor may be Aaron Burr


An apartment complex in Pomona promises a window upgrade that sounds needlessly aggressive. I’ve heard of window valances, but window violences?

(Aaron Burr’s infliction of pain during a duel with Alexander Hamilton can be studied here.)

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  • Ren

    Got Milk

  • Allan

    My apologies, I couldn’t resist…

    Who says chivalry is dead?
    When you open the door, the contractor slaps you with a glove.
    I could’ve sworn this was on Chief Second Street!
    Need directions? Take ten paces and make a U-turn.

    For the Mac and other alternative OS users out there:
    The whole exercise is moot. The pain one endures when dueling with Windows is immeasurable.

  • Will Plunkett

    Even if “dual” was to be the correct spelling, what about the “hurt glass” meaning of “pain windows”? Was this a warning for birds to stay clear of them? And students ask “when will I ever need [insert school lesson here]…?”