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I recently posted photos here from Teotihuacan, seen on my Mexico City vacation. Friday’s column is about my visit to Xochimilco, a village within Mexico City.

First, here’s the San Bernardino de Siena church, where a bell ringer is about to go to work.

50958-mexicocity 151.jpg

Colorful boats known as trajineras are lined up at an embarcadero.

50959-mexicocity 152.jpg

A boatman uses a pole to guide a trajinera along a canal. It’s the only way to travel.

50960-mexicocity 155.jpg

A boat of mariachis draws alongside a trajinera to play.

50961-mexicocity 158.jpg

A couple of the homes nestled along the canal banks, almost hidden among the trees.

50962-mexicocity 160.jpg

Sign on the men’s room at the plant nursery where we stopped. ‘Nuff said. The women’s room sign was more demure.

50963-mexicocity 161.jpg

A view of the plant nursery.

50964-mexicocity 162.jpg

And here’s our boat, waiting for us at the plant nursery. There was just a short trip from here back to the embarcadero, ending a pleasant two-hour cruise.

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