Buff’s-eye view

51192-lapark 002.jpg

There’s a downtown L.A. park under construction between Bunker Hill and City Hall, and one of the best places to get an overall glimpse is from the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, L.A.’s opera hall.

Here’s a recent, if rainy, view from the fourth floor balcony level overlooking Grand Avenue. The nosebleed tier provides a better view of the construction than the swells get. That’s the County Hall of Administration in the background.

Chandler, you may recall, was nicknamed Buff because of her maiden name, Buffum, and yes, her family owned the Buffum’s department store chain.

The $56 million Grand Avenue Civic Park, set to open in May 2012, will include “lawns, performance spaces, seating areas, walking paths, vegetation, an upgraded fountain and even a dog park,” says the L.A. Downtown News.

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  • shirley wofford

    David, you sent me scrounging for my downtown LA map, because I couldn’t remember the name of that fountain, the “Arthur Will Memorial Fountain”. I’m sure that he was some celebrated official, in past days.

    In the early to mid 90’s, we would take the Metrolink in to see a Dodger game, and when we got downtown, we didn’t know where to go to eat. Someone told us there was a good cafeteria on the 9th floor of the County building. So, we went there every time until we knew our way around better. We used to look down from the County building’s balcony at that fountain, which was just as dry and dreary looking then, as it is now. Once it was renovated and operating again, it was absolutely beautiful, and had made for many snapshots, when we walked by, on our way to the Music Center.

    I was surprised when I was in LA last November, and planning to walk across that Plaza, on my way back to Union Station, when I ran into all that construction. The Los Pabladores Plaza sits between Hill and Grand Streets on the east and west, and between the Hahn Building and the County Building on the north and south. It is/was a beautiful plaza — already two beautiful walking paths, surrounded by lots of foilage, and a Starbucks Cafe, along with the fountain, on the way to the tunnel, that went under Grand to the Music Center.

    It is not a blighted area — I wonder now what official is going to be the new plaza’s namesake, in place of “Los Pabladores”. (An adorable musical number, with people singing and dancing down that plaza, was in the movie, “(500) Days of Summer”.)

    A dog park? I would not have thought about a dog park — I can’t visualize such in that location.

    I miss the LA Philharmonic being at the DCP — before it moved to the new Disney Hall, it was so easy to get in line two hours before a matinee concert, and get a prime-location, senior rush ticket for $10. I guess, as they say, “You can’t stop progress.”

    [It’s always nice to enjoy things while they last…but we rarely know what’s going to go away in time to revel in it! As for the plaza, I’d have liked to have seen it one last time to fix it better in my mind. I walked through it only a few times. — DA]