Eating Mexico


Lesley Tellez, right, pauses by a sidewalk taco stand in Mexico City with Connie Walker of Minneapolis during one of Tellez’s Eat Mexico tours.

Today’s post ties in with my Friday column about Mexico City food blogger and tour guide Lesley Tellez, a former Rancho Cucamonga resident. (There’s a local angle no matter where you go.)

If you’d like to know more about her, you can find her blog The Mija Chronicles here and her Eat Mexico tour site here. TripAdvisor reviews are here.

Her tips about eating on the street are here and were summarized here by the LA Times. And you can read here about the Global Street Food event in Santa Monica in which she will participate.

OK, I”m all linked out. Let’s go to the photos.

51360-mexicocity 001.jpg

The first photo of my entire trip, this is a woman at a tianguis who makes tlacoyos as you watch.

51362-mexicocity 016.jpg

A stop on Tellez’s street-food tour, this is a woman on a streetcorner who makes atole (a warm, corn-based beverage, perfect for breakfast) and tamales. We had the chicken.

51364-mexicocity 017.jpg

From a second stand we got a strawberry tamale. “You won’t find pink tamales in the States,” Tellez said.

51363-mexicocity 225.jpg

Burritos aren’t a common Mexico City item, but here’s a stand that specializes in them. The cook puts on a show for customers in line. Ours had squash blossoms, onions and tomatoes.

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