‘Horse Feathers’


This 1932 Marx Brothers classic is the first of my four-movie “College Daze” series at the Ontario library, 215 E. C St. We’re screening it at 6:30 p.m. tonight. Learn more about the movie on its Wikipedia page.

More fun, though, is the clip below of Groucho, as Huxley College’s new president, singing his anthem of negativity, “I’m Against It.” (Don’t mind the Spanish Portuguese subtitles; this version has better sound than the clip without them.)

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  • librarylady

    Ontario Library, where is that!?! Don’t you mean the Ovitt Family Community Library?..hehe….my husband and I have been looking forward to your selection..see you there!!

    [I’m lowercasing the L (“Ontario library”) to be descriptive while not passing that off as the official name…which is far too long to type! — DA]