Restaurant of the Week: Corner Deli

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Corner Deli, 980 N. Ontario Mills Drive (at Rochester), Ontario

I hadn’t heard of the Corner Deli until reader David Paniagua Jr. tipped me off. It’s in the strip center with Tokyo Tokyo and Rubio’s on the outskirts of Ontario Mills. Reviewers on Yelp gave the place high marks too. I had lunch there recently with a colleague.

Corner Deli opened in fall 2010 and was a bustling place on a weekday lunch. It has deli basics (pastrami, salami, ham, turkey) and many hot sandwiches, as well as soup and salads. It’s Korean-owned and offers a few unusual items.

I had the Korean BBQ sandwich ($6.59), featuring sliced, marinated ribeye grilled with cabbage and onions with Asian slaw on a roll. Excellent. My friend had the Seoul Bird ($5.99), with turkey, Asian slaw, tomato, provolone cheese on a wheat roll. He liked it.

Corner Deli may be one of the better sandwich shops in the valley. From now on, I’m eating where David Paniagua Jr. eats.

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  • Deana

    Korean BBQ is all the rage and so yummy too. I’m a devoted fan of Kogi BBQ…thankfully one of their OC trucks stops by my area at work during the week but one of their LA trucks is usually in the Cal Poly Pomona area on Thursday nights…you should check it out. Also…this Saturday…Mountain and the 10 FWY…Grilled Cheese Truck will be at My Delight Cupcakery…you must try it.

    [Shoot, I’ll be out of town Saturday. I’ve had Kogi a couple of times and loved it. — DA]

  • TCadillac

    This by far is the best sandwich shop in the IE. The Corner Deli makes Quiznos and Subway taste like the way Archibald and the 60 freeway smells in comparison. I had the Koren BBQ sandwich as well with some sweet fries. Savory beef with the melted cheese is definitely the real deal.

  • David Paniagua Jr.

    Thanks for recommending the Corner Deli to everybody! I’m glad you tried it out. Hope I can find another great spot!

    [Me too! — DA]

  • Brian

    You’re right on about this being the best sandwich place in the IE (maybe in entire SoCal), and their Korean BBQ is delicious. But, I can’t believe there is no mention of their most popular and mouthwatering sub, the famous “Don Won.” Named after the owner, it contains lean, deli thin cut pastrami, topped with their sweet, creamy, house made coleslaw, and finally stuffed with a handful of fries. It’s a amazing mix of sweet, salty, savory that is guaranteed to please. Not to mention, the portion sizes are huge! Just didn’t want the readers to miss out on their signature sandwich.

    [I’ll have to go back for that one. — DA]