Wiggle room

After a photo appeared with my column of the platter of fried worms I had in Mexico City…

51622-mexicocity 129.jpg

…I took my car to my mechanic in Montclair for an oil change. He and his wife welcomed me back from Mexico with a surprise: a bowl of worms. Of the Gummi variety, on a bed of crushed Oreos. I have the weirdest — but nicest — readers.

51623-worms 004.jpg
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  • Ramona

    Seems like a fitting dessert after being brave enough to tackle eating the real creepy-crawlers. My brag about having eaten squid pales by comparison.

    One of the weird ones. (And proud of it!)

  • Bob House

    This post was a nice story and reminded me how amusing I thought the first Mexico meals post was when it revealed that the “King of the Tuna Melt” took a chance on a meal of worms. You’re a braver man than I.

    [“King of the Tuna Melt”! I feel like royalty. — DA]