• Duane

    Maybe one of you readers, Judi G., could make a connection with these folks and combine her Stud Muffins with their cupcakes. The possibilities could create an interesting collaboration. Maybe a “Stud Cupcakery.”

    [Are you listening, Judi? — DA]

  • Ted Melendez

    I wonder if they got the idea from the other cupcake shop in Chino Hills Shoppes.

    [There’s ones in RC and Ontario too. — DA]

  • Rose Linck

    Suite 106 Cupcakery, My Delight Cupcakery, Patticakes (not recommended)…Sprinkles in LA…..how many more freakin’ cupcakeries do we need!??

  • esther

    we need to eat more fruits & vegetables, not sugar. that said, i wasn’t a big fan of so fresh salads. their salads were just average.

    [My one time there, they poured on enough dressing for three salads. — DA]

  • judi

    Hi Duane and David,

    The idea is an interesting one, but I’m not sure if genteel Claremont is ready for my brand of baking. 😉

  • Bob House

    “genteel Claremont” Reminds me of a joke I heard in the 50s.

    St. Peter is leading a group of new arrivals down a long corridor in Heaven. As the group passes a closed door, St. Peter says, “Be quiet when we go by this door. The people from Claremont are in there and they think they’re the only ones here.”

    [Heh heh. — DA]