Yangtze Chinese Restaurant in downtown Ontario marked its 50th anniversary on April 22. Reader Jane Vath O’Connell shares a copy of an old menu. Click on the thumbnail below for a readable view. One highlight: “Lobster Cantonese $2.35 (Shelled $2.45).” I say, live it up and pay the extra dime.

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  • Dennis H. Ramirez

    I was going to Chaffey H.S. and working part time at Butler Bros. where my mom worked. We’d often go there for lunch. I still make time to go there when I come up from San Diego. Yumm!

  • Pay the extra dime? That’s almost a gallon of gas!

  • Jim Lugenbeel

    Can you believe what you got for the price??? The Chung King in Pomona was just as good in the day!!

  • Bob House

    Unconfirmed report on Claremont Courier website of a new restaurant going into the former Casa Flores space. Perhaps owned by same folks as Back Abbey. What’s the word on the mean streets of the Village?

    [You know more than I do, Bob, but that sounds like good news. (I wonder what qualifies as a mean street in the Village — Harrison Ave.?) Btw, look for Friday’s Restaurant of the Week about another Claremont burger place. — DA]