Daily Bulletin on Vacation

51920-ariztrip 005.jpg

It might look like I’m catching up on the latest news close to home in, say, Rancho Cucamonga, but this photo was taken in Tempe, Ariz., during a recent vacation. Baseline Road isn’t an interstate route. Arizona has its own version of the street.

Photo: Tom Gibbons

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  • Charles Quinn

    Baseline is quite common as it is a surveying term.


  • DebB

    Hmmm…maybe you could travel the country – nay, the world! – having your photo snapped at Baselines everywhere!

    [I should run that past a travel agent (say, one on Base Line) just to see the reaction. — DA]

  • John Clifford

    Love the internet. Piggy-backing on DebB’s comment, why not visit all the Pomona Streets? According to Google Maps there are Pomona Streets in Kern, CA; Wasco, OR; Jefferson, LA; Montgomery, OH; Suffolk, MA; Ventura, CA; and Crockett, Contra Costa, CA. If you go for roads, avenues, etc., the number increases (although the only Pomona Blvd. seems to be right here in Pomona).

    Don’t you just love theme vacations?

    [Might be simpler to visit Cucamonga Avenues…there’s probably only the one, and then I can get back to work. — DA]

  • Bob House

    Had I known you were in town, I could have bought you your baseline sandwich — the tuna melt. Although that would pale in comparison to your recent burger from Eureka.

    [Ha ha. Bob is referring to my past comment that I often test a diner by ordering a tuna melt, which I consider my “baseline sandwich.” — DA]

  • Christia

    Only the coolest people live . . . and visit . . . Tempe.

    [And only the coolest people visit during the cooler months! — DA]

  • Ignacio Palomares

    Ay Dios Mio! Pomona Blvd. is a travesty to our fine city. It is only about 1 mile long and it is the address of that “carpetbagger” Phillips and his so called “mansion.” I will take a beautiful old adobe on Arrow & Orange Grove over that pile of junk on the west side. Towne Ave. should have been named Pomona Blvd. in my mind because it is the most central north/south roadway.

  • Ted Melendez

    Interesting when I took a trip to cabo san lucas B.C in 2001 they made me stop in Arizona too. I guess that’s what you get if you want a cheap flight to Mexico aargh.

    [This wasn’t taken on my way to Mexico City, if that’s what you were implying; it was a short road trip six weeks later to visit friends in Tempe. — DA]