Arizona road trip!

My recent few days in the Phoenix area encompassed more than posing with a Daily Bulletin under a Baseline sign. Among the sights:

52044-ariztrip 003.jpg

The men’s room at the retro Joe’s Farm Grill in Gilbert has a GI Joe theme and features a TV over the urinal. Here’s a writeup. I believe the video is the movie “Team America World Police.”

52045-ariztrip 008.jpg

I also saw an Arizona Diamondbacks game at Phoenix’s Chase Field. A friend and I traveled there via (be still my heart) light rail.

52046-ariztrip 011.jpg

This Dairy Queen (629 E. Main St., Mesa) caught my eye during a drive past. I went back one night for 1) the neon cone and 2) a Dilly bar.

52047-ariztrip 012.jpg

I have a soft spot for the Cracker Barrel chain of restaurants, which have a theme that might be described as “corporate folksy.”

Rocking chairs out front, a gift shop of nostalgia items, a dining room with farm implements on the walls and pretty good food. There are no Cracker Barrels in California but I stopped at the westernmost one, west of Phoenix, on my drive back. A cactus in front of a rural-themed restaurant? Whatever works.

52048-ariztrip 019.jpg

That evening I had dinner at the Wheel Inn in Cabazon, a very good diner, and despite the strong winds and threatening weather (a far cry from the sun in Arizona) took a photo of Claude Bell’s famed Cabazon dinosaurs.

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  • James Rodriguez

    Dave, at the Shell Gas station on Baseline and Cherry Ave. Fontana, they have tv screens on the pumps that turn on only when you insert your card or press a button, I guess to save energy. Was the urinal TV always on or was it activated by…well never mind.

    James, Fontana

    [Good question. The TV was always on. — DA]

  • Bob House

    You are now officially a better Arizona sightseer than me — and I live in the God-forsaken state.

    I could have sworn the Cabazon dinosaurs were started in the 50s — my family drove by there many times on the way to visit relatives in El Centro. Speaking of that area, I had my two children convinced for several years when they were young that the giant propellers of the wind-energy farms were the source of the earth’s rotation.

    [Heh. Sometimes you drive past those propellers and none of them are spinning, which wouldn’t bode well for the Earth’s rotation. — DA]

  • Bob House

    Thus, the need for leap years in my fictional cosmology.

  • I love all the little things you noticed! Especially the dinosaurs. 🙂