Restaurant (Closure) of the Week


I ate at Freddie Mae’s Southern Cooking, in the food hall of Victoria Gardens, on April 22, eating a not-bad fish po’boy sandwich ($7.95). Freddie Mae’s was in the first slot on the west side of the hall, where Nathan’s Hot Dogs had been. I took photos and expected to share them here today.

Because I didn’t get a menu and felt I didn’t know quite enough about the place, I decided to try another lunch on Thursday, three weeks later. Perhaps my spidey sense was tingling. When I walked into the food hall, the Freddie Mae’s space was vacated!

I had already filed Friday’s column with a mention in my weekly blog report that Freddie Mae’s was my Restaurant of the Week. Oy. So I used my new cell phone to email my boss to ask him to hold my column until I could rewrite the last item.

The Freddie Mae’s website says they have a location in Fontana. Well, maybe I can go there sometime.

So what did I do for lunch? I went back to Crepes de Paris, already the subject of a Restaurant of the Week in 2008. But this time, I took photos, which I’ve added to that post.

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  • DebB

    Last weekend my niece and I finally drove out to Upland to try another of your Restaurant of the Weeks — Buckboard BBQ. Alas! That location is closed! I’m sure it’s the economy…much too early to talk about curses or anything…

    [I appreciate your restraint, Deb. — DA]

  • Rose Linck

    When I last spoke to the owner the location in Fontana was still temporarily closed as they had a lot of damage from the heavy rains. They were expecting to make repairs and reopen but I don’t know when.

    [Thanks, Rose. Their website said the location might reopen in “January 2011,” so obviously the page hasn’t been updated in quite some time. — DA]

  • Hey, White Boy

    There are still plenty of options for local Soul Food:

    CHEF TIM’S in Rancho Cucamonga, up on Haven.

    CASSIE’S in Pomona down on 1st Street.

    And the classic, ROSCOE’S Chicken & Waffles in Pasadena on Lake.

    Soul food joints tend to be small, Mom and Pop establishments. So call ahead to make sure they have enough Mac n’ Cheese!

    [Not to mention J&J’s Fish and BBQ in Pomona. — DA]

  • Will Plunkett

    I was at the Vic this week, saw the restaurant at the end of the Food Court, and the stuff looked pretty good. I asked a question about some item, and the employee said, “we’re closed.”

    “Oh, have you not opened yet?” (it was about 4pm)

    “No, we’re closed.”

    “Oh, you’re done for the day?”

    “No, we’re out of business.”

    Talk about [sweet potato] pie in the face…

    [Oops. Sounds like I only missed them by a few days, and you only missed them by, what, hours? — DA]

  • Hey, White Boy

    Besides J&J’s, I also forgot REDHILL BBQ in Rancho Cucamonga (“should be Upland”) at Foothill/Grove.

    Make it a Soul Food weekend, people.

  • David

    Buckboard has moved to Covina, on Citrus.

  • Ronald Scott

    Also Louisiana’s Famous Fried Chicken on Archibald in Rancho is good. I agree with the Chef Tim’s…that place is great!!!!

  • Charles Bentley

    More than a week ago I drove by the Sizzler on Baseline in RC and saw it was open again. I dont know any details, but I was happy to see it back on the map. The way things are going (reading here about Freddie Mae’s), this could be the ray of hope we need in darkening dining times.

  • James Rodriguez

    There’s a new place I’ve yet to try on Foothill in Fontana called Renee’s Fish and Soulfood.