Dodger games by Metrolink


Robin and Bob Porter have most of a Metrolink car to themselves Monday night for the 11 p.m. train home from a Dodger game.

Wednesday’s column (read it here) is about getting to a Dodger game by public transit. Metrolink is now running 11 p.m. trains on weeknights home from Union Station, and the Dodger Stadium Express shuttle is back that takes fans between the station and the stadium.

You can buy tickets from the Dodgers site and read more about the service on the Metrolink site. The train schedule is here.

Metrolink also has a train to Angels games, but that’s no good for us, except perhaps for day games, because by the time you get back to Union Station, there’s no train to take you back to the 909.

You can read about the Dodger Stadium Express shuttle here. This is an MTA operation. It seems to be popular; the 40-foot bus was standing room only on our two trips Monday. Last year the shuttle carried 120,000 fans.

Would you try a Metrolink trip to and from a Dodger game, especially after reading my column and knowing about the time constraints? I wouldn’t be opposed to doing this again, feeling that the pluses outweigh the minuses, but I can see how it would be more trouble than it’s worth for many.

Below, fans board the Dodger Stadium Express at Union Station at 7:15 p.m. Monday.

52354-dodgersexpress 007.jpg
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  • Yay! What fun. We certainly will be using this travel option. Go Dodgers!

  • Frank Costanza

    David, I would love to take the train to see the Dodgers, now that I got kicked out of Del Boca Vista and NY City. I’ve got a new “hootchie mama” that loves ‘dem bums but I got a big issue with taking the train…how the heck am I going to stop short! That’s my move, you know…

    [You’re probably still thinking of the Brooklyn Dodgers. Say hello to George for me. Maybe he can get you in to see the Yankees. — DA]