Happy Memorial Day!

As noted in Friday’s column, I’m off this week on furlough/vacation, so this is probably my only blog post this week, and there won’t be any columns. See you back here on June 6.

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  • Ramona

    Ay, caramba!! (Spell check wanted to change “caramba” into “crumby.” And it is crumby to do without you for a week.)

    Have fun!

    [I’ll do my best. Thanks, Ramona. — DA]

  • DebB

    You know, maybe the world did actually end a couple weeks ago. All my favorite blogs are either down for some reason or on vacation. It feels a little hellish….

    [There, there. — DA]

  • David

    While I understand nobody is trying to be mean, when saying “Happy Memorial Day,” I don’t think happy should ever be used with Memorial Day. On Memorial Day, we should honor and remember all the American Soldiers who died in battle and kept this country free.

    We can celebrate on July 4th, we should remember on Memorial Day.

    [OK, that’s a good point. — DA]

  • Fred Henderson

    In advance, welcome back. A week without you and your column is just another boring week. Sort of like apple pie without vanilla ice cream.

    Fred Henderson
    Everett, WA

    [Shucks, that’s nice of you, Fred. To continue the (delicious) metaphor, I would think of myself as the apple pie and everyone’s comments as the ice cream. — DA]