Bank of America, 1955

52416-B of A 1955.jpg

This postcard image shows the northeast corner of Foothill Boulevard and Archibald Avenue in Cucamonga with the old Bank of America, with Vath’s drugstore and soda fountain next door. Jane Vath O’Connell sent me the postcard after reading this blog post about that intersection, which served as downtown Cucamonga in the old days.

B of A later moved across the street to the southeast corner.

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  • John Clifford

    Good to have you back. Hope you had a pleasant furlocation. Love the photo.

    [Thanks, John. Despite not receiving a paycheck, the week actually was kind of pleasant. — DA]

  • JT Garcia

    Want some great historic photos? Check out this website and put in keywords like Pomona or Cucamonga. Great old shots from the 30s to 50s and more!!

    JT Garcia

  • hugh.c.mcbride

    Welcome back, Mr. Allen! Glad you had an enjoyable furloughcation (as enjoyable as any experience containing the word “furlough” can be, of course), but it’s good to see you back online.

    My morning lap ’round the Intertubez has felt conspicuously incomplete this past week. Now all seems right with the world again … 🙂

    [So you’re saying I complete you? — DA]

  • Shirley Patrick

    In looking at that Rancho Cucamonga postcard, where was a little bar called Shanty Devlins? A lady by the name of Ethel played a honky tonk piano and we sat on kegs and put peanut shells on floor. I don’t know what year that was but after 1956. Maybe Ted’s daughter can tell me.

    [It was on the northeast corner just like the bank, but I’m not sure where it was in this photo. Incidentally, you can read my column about Ethyl (not Ethel) by clicking here: — DA]

  • Gary Cliser

    This is actually on the northwest corner, not the northeast corner, of Foothill and Archibald.

  • Derek Christensen

    Actually, this IS the North-East corner. The Cafe Italiano was on the North-West corner, East of the Ancil Morris Richfield Gas Station.

    Just recently, I came across an old postcard of Foothill at Archibald looking East. You can make out the Texaco Station Sign on the right (south side of Foothill) and SHANTY DEVLIN’S on the left (north side of Foothill).

    I can scan it and send it to you (David) if you would like to see it. The Shanty Devlin’s sign is tiny in the photo, but clearly there on the card.

    [Sure, Derek, send it along. — DA]

  • Deborah rimbeck fish

    I would like to have a ? answered finally. Not sure if this is a dream or it happened. Late 50’s on S Garey there was an Alpha Beta, Philadephia and Garey. Here is the ? Did they have an open house or a tent thing when Alpha Beta first opened there. It was like a big tent and had food that was gonna be sold in the store. They had samples. I have remembered this for 50 some yrs could any one please answer me. Thanks very much. It’s been a long time.

  • Kristin McConnell

    These buildings are long gone, now. Please tell us about the filling station on the Northwest corner, just to the west of Archibald’s Flowers. I thought someone was trying to save it?

    Hope you are doing well. 🙂

    [I am, thanks. There may be good news soon regarding that gas station. — DA]